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Clusterix software was created by Tomas Sezima as part of a master thesis, which was written during spring 2014 at Faculty of Informatics, Masaryk University, Brno. A success of the project, however, strongly depended on the help of many colleagues and friends, who contributed to the program development with invaluable advices.

Therefore, I would like to thank my family and my girlfriend Irena for their love and support throughout my graduate school career. They were always able to put things in perspective and provide inspiration when the rigors of thesis writing seemed too much to handle. I would also like to thank my academic advisors, Ernst Paunzen, Ludek Bártek and Miloslav Zejda. The opportunity to work with them over the last year was an honor. Thanks also go out to Lola Balaguer-Núńez, David Galadi-Enriquez, Lucie Jilková and Carme Jordi for their encouragement and insightful comments.

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Program itself was created using variety of frameworks that are, together with used methodologies and approaches, closely described in proposed thesis, which is retrievable from the repository of Masaryk University via Uniform Resource Locator http://is.muni.cz/th/324922/fi_m/.