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This page contains description of changes that have been made in the Clusterix system.

  • 30.6.2014 - Maximum file upload size was raised to 20 MBs, several restrictions were made in order to ensure the quality of service.
  • 2.6.2014 - Information about mean cluster and field proper motions was added to result page.
  • in the index page of the application, requested source structure is defined in the sample data file.
  • 29.5.2014 - Vector point diagram is now available for results with limiting size of 8 thousand stars.
  • 29.5.2014 - A new distribution of Clusterix was deployed at powerful CERIT-SC server which enables users to process samples containing up to 50 thousand stars.
  • 27.5.2014 - Webda now contains PPMXL data for almost all clusters with diameters smaller than one degree.
  • 24.5.2014 - Text representation of results now contains information about restrictions applied during the membership probability determination.
  • 23.5.2014 - The search of open clusters (performed via the home page) was enhanced in order to recognise both catalogue and "informal" open cluster names.
  • 20.5.2014 - Incorrect determination of possitions of objects with negative declination was fixed.
  • 18.5.2014 - "Mouseover" action evoked when inspecting the visualization of results now contains information about membership probabilities.
  • 16.5.2014 - In order to enhance performance of Clusterix system, process of probability density functions creation was parallelized. Using current hardware configuration, results are retrived four times faster than before the optimization.
  • 16.5.2014 - Graphical representation of results allows user to investigate stellar field using a mouse. When cursor is hovering over certain star, its number is displayed.
  • 15.5.2014 - Stars are now assigned numbers that correspond to numbers presented by input data.
  • 13.5.2014 - A new link that allows user to download original input data was added to the 'Result' page.
  • 13.5.2014 - New data source, containing single NGC 1817 cluster, called 'Test data' was added. The purpose of this data is to test the system functionality against the results, that are widely known and accepted. For more information see paper by Balaguer-Nez et al. Also, short description of data is available via Clusterix info page.
  • 12.5.2014 - The result page offers an opportunity to plot retrieved results via the 'show visualization' link.